2019-04-24 Anthony Humphreysannouncements

Welcome to

Why did you create this site?

My primary motivation was simply to experiment with Gatsby for an upcoming blog I’m putting together for Lexio. I also want to increase my writing output and gain confidence in talking about the things I work on, and hopefully help others along the way. Drawing some inspiration from Shawn Wang’s awesome ’#LearnInPublic’ movement, I wanted to explore the wonderful new world of React Hooks and share my learning, success and of course mishaps with others.

What will be shared?

I will share deep dives into problems I face and how I solve them with hooks. Naturally, others will undoubtedly have faced these problems before, so in those cases I will share my journey and the eventual solution. I hope to eventually compile a decent compendium of hooks, that may be referenced and utilised by other devs. Nik Graf has an excellent resource, I hope this site will not simply be a clone of this but complement it and be more story driven, with deep dives and discussion rather than purely being a registry.

How can I contribute?

I’m still working on getting the site up and running, but once everything is in place, I will update this post and include a contribute button somewhere on the site which will lead to the repo - fire me a Pull Request on GitHub and I’ll be happy to include your content - all new posts will get a shout out on Twitter too.

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